Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A late night in the Cage

What has become deemed as the 'freedom cage' is where protesters are allowed to sleep at night. With floodlights and cops.

Click HERE to see the photos


Thomas Paine said...

and the idea of America was so great... sucks it appears to have failed

Parker said...

If you want to see REAL change, stop supporting big party politics.

hippystomper said...

Nothing but a bunch of dirty, smelly, whining, self-righteous, uninformed hippies. Every last one of them thinks they know the "real" story -- Bush lied, people died. They think what they are doing is noble and patriotic. Never could they be more wrong. If they stopped listening to the anti-American, anti-Republican, pro-socialist propaganda, dropped the bias and actually opened their mind like they preach, and educated themselves instead of letting others think for them, they would find they are wrong on most everything they support. These pictures make me want to puke! Absolutely pathetic!

Vi said...

Amazing pictures - it would be fantastic if you could upload these to flickr, if you already haven't done so - I know many will be thrilled to see them.

victor said...


I'm not trying to undermine you, only curious as to what exactly you mean. What is the real story?

hippystomper said...


As I said, these liberals adhere to the predictable mantra -- "Bush lied, people died." They rely on conspiracy theories such as 9/11 being an "inside job," "blood for oil," or "war profiteering" as justification/motivation for the Iraq War. Instead there were very clear and valid reasons for starting the Iraq War including, but not limited to, the following:

1. Iraq did have undeclared and illegal WMD (we found small amounts of various kinds post-war) and he secretly continued various WMD and other illegal programs, yet others he simply put on temporary hold.
2. Iraq did have a relationship with al-Qaeda. Iraq cooperated with and supported al-Qaeda as well as many other international Islamic terrorist organizations (we found Iraqi documents outlining these "links" post-war).
3. Iraq threatened the use of terrorism on all Americans and supported terrorism that resulted in the death of Americans.
4. Iraq violated 16 UN Security Council resolutions over a 12 year period including the original Iraq War I cease-fire agreement.

The list goes on and on. Iraq was a real threat and our going to Iraq to defend against that threat was necessary and justified. Let us not forget that many Democrats recognized this threat and subsequently supported the war in the beginning. As the war became more difficult, Democrats saw an opportunity to capitalize politically, and did they ever. It's unfortunate that they have let their partisanship and thirst for power get the better of them. As 9/11 taught us, this mentality is not only unfortunate, but it is also very deadly. Let us hope that if a Democrat is elected we aren't doomed to repeat the same daft 9/10 mentality that allowed 9/11 to happen in the first place.

Simon C. Ion said...


I wish to know more of this daft "9/10 mentality" and how it "allowed 9/11 to happen".
So's not to distract from Sir's fantastic photography, would you care to move this discussion to my LiveJournal? (http://simoncion.livejournal.com/) (Just pick some random post (preferably a recent one) and start commenting.)

Simon C. Ion

Jeffrey said...

hippystomper comments on "post war" Iraq when did this happen? As far as I know we still have soldiers and various instruments of war over there in an undeclared war!

É. said...

People in cages. Lives in cages. So many cages. Barbwire. Fences. Walls. I dreamt of a future that looked like a garden or a cascade. We will have to fight for it.

We will have to stop defending what little remains and actually reclaim the dead spaces in the name of life, the last remaining value. I mean we have to start to win fights against steel, asphalt and concrete. We really do.

Don't get into arguments with mental three year olds. Go tonight. Go and claim it. It is our world.