Saturday, August 23, 2008

If Denver police see the potential for violence or destruction brewing during the Democratic National Convention, they have been trained and instructed to swarm in and take down troublemakers with immediate and direct force, Mayor John Hickenlooper said.
In an interview with The Denver Post, the mayor was asked how police would respond if "bad actors"try to become a disruption during an event such as an otherwise peaceful parade.
"So if they're actually pulling out — let's call it the paraphernalia of violence — police are going to move right in and take them out of that group," Hickenlooper said.
Police have been briefed on common methods and tactics of protesters who may want to create civil unrest. A bulletin issued to officers warned them to watch out for shields, helmets, gas masks, cases of nails, metal piping and chemicals, among other things, that could be used to fuel a riot.

Round em' up and cage um:

Deputy Gary Rolando, right, helps test a mug-shot station at the Temporary Arrestee Processing Center, which opens Sunday.

* 52 law-enforcement agencies will be involved, not counting the Secret Service, FBI and other federal agencies. Denver estimates its force of 1,500 will double for the convention.

* Officers have undergone 114,000 hours of specific DNC training. That includes training on everything from how to use radios to crowd management, dignitary protection and bomb recognition. Officers received additional legal training on the First and Fourth amendments.

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